Surviving Roundhouses and Turntables

Steamtown National Historic Site, Scranton, PA

In the era of steam locomotives, roundhouses were commonly found in rail yards across the country. With the exception of switching locomotives, steam locomotives were designed to run in one direction -- forward. As a result, it was often necessary to turn a steam locomotive to point in the direction its train is to be hauled. This was done by either use a wye, a balloon loop, or a turntable. The combination of turntable and roundhouse proved very useful to both service and turn locomotives.

Many roundhouses were built around the turn of the century. Roundhouses were built out of brick, stone, wood, or concrete. They could have only a few stalls or as many as 50. Locomotives would be serviced with the front of the locomotive pointing outward and the tender of the locomotive facing the turntable. Each stall of the roundhouse included a vent that would allow smoke from the steam locomotive to be vented to through the roof of the roundhouse. These vents can be clearly seen in most surviving roundhouses.

With the arrival of diesel locomotives, which could run equally well in either direction, the need for turntables (and roundhouses) waned. By the 1950s, as most steam locomotives had been replaced by diesels, the roundhouse became obsolete.

Today, most roundhouses are gone. However, a number survive. A few have been restored and are now used as restaurants or museums. Once such example is the Baltimore and Ohio's Mt. Claire roundhouse which now serves as the B&O Railroad Museum.

If you know of a roundhouse not shown in this list, feel free to submit its location using the form at the bottom of this page.

Google Maps View of Roundhouses

TypeStallsYear BuiltRailroadCurrent UseCityStateCountryNotes
Roundhouse OnlyAlabama Great Southern Finley RoundhouseBirminghamALUSA
Visual Remains Only21Western Railway of Alabama vacant lotMontgomeryALUSAThe L&N roundhouse was on the eastern side of Court St.
Roundhouse Only12Louisville & Nashville yardTarrantALUSA
Roundhouse OnlySt. Louis South Western rail yardJonesboroARUSA
Roundhouse Only51887Hot Springs unknown, storage?MalvernARUSA Built as narrow gauge roundhouse.
Visual Remains Only24Cotton Belt Arkansas Railroad MuseumPine BluffARUSA
Roundhouse Only11El Paso & Southwestern commercialTucsonAZUSA
Visual Remains Only6Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Vacant lotWilliamsAZUSA
Roundhouse Only17Southern Pacific Bayshore Roundhouse - abandonedBrisbaneCAUSA
Visual Remains Only29Southern Pacific Vacant lotCypress ParkCAUSA
Turntable Only1880Sourhtern Pacific in use for helper locomotives in UP yardDunsmuirCAUSARoundhouse foundation still visible
Roundhouse and Turntable Railtown 1897 State Historic ParkJamestownCAUSA
Turntable OnlyAtchison, Topeka & Santa Fe BNSF Redondo JunctionRedondo JunctionCAUSA
Turntable OnlyAT&SF BNSF YardRichmondCAUSA
Roundhouse and Turntable6 California State Railroad MuseumSacramentoCAUSA
Roundhouse Only6Hammond Lumber unknownSamoaCAUSA
Roundhouse Only5State Belt Telegraph LandingSan FranciscoCAUSA Never had a turntable.
Visual Remains OnlySouthern Pacific Vacant lotSan Luis ObispoCAUSA
Roundhouse OnlyRock Island Museum and trolley car restorationColorado SpringsCOUSAonly 4 of original 12 stalls exist
Roundhouse Only141887Colorado Midland retailColorado SpringsCOUSAWikipedia
Roundhouse and Turntable61881Denver, South Park & Pacific Como RoundhouseComoCOUSA
Roundhouse and Turntable18 Durango & SilvertonDurangoCOUSA
Roundhouse and Turntable52000 Colorado Railroad MuseumGoldenCOUSA
Roundhouse Only81909Union Pacific Hugo Union Pacific RoundhouseHugoCOUSAOnly UP roundhouse in CO.
Roundhouse Only31883Denver, South Park & Pacific unknownLeadvilleCOUSA
Turntable Only29Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe BNSF YardPuebloCOUSA
Visual Remains Only42New Haven Storage yardNew HavenCTUSA
Visual Remains Only1871Connecticut Valley Railroad Fort Saybrook Monument ParkOld SaybrookCTUSA
Roundhouse and Turntable62000 Connecticut Eastern Railroad MuseumWillimanticCTUSAReplica of 1892 Columbia Junction roundhouse.
Visual Remains Only45Pennsylvania Amtrak shopWilmingtonDEUSA
Visual Remains OnlySouthern Norfolk Southern YardMaconGAUSA
Roundhouse and TurntableCentral of Georgia Georgia State Railroad MuseumSavannahGAUSA
Roundhouse Only8Hawaii Consolidated Railroad StorageHiloHIUSA
Turntable Only39Chicago & North Western Union Pacific YardBooneIAUSA
Turntable OnlyChicago & North Western Union Pacific yardCouncil BluffsIAUSA
Roundhouse and Turntable10Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific CP RailwayDavenportIAUSA
Roundhouse and TurntableChicago Great Western storageManlyIAUSA
Roundhouse and Turntable61917Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Sioux City Railroad MuseumSouix CityIAUSA
Visual Remains Only Union PacificPocatelloIDUSA
Roundhouse Only Two Brothers RoundhouseAuroraILUSA
Roundhouse OnlyChicago, Burlington & Quincy Roundhouse Event CenterBeardstown ILUSA
Turntable OnlyChicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Canadian Pacific yardBensenville ILUSA
Turntable OnlyChcago, Rock Island & Pacific Iowa Interstate Blue IslandILUSAused by the Iowa Interstate Railroad
Roundhouse and Turntable51904 Canadian National yardCentraliaILUSA
Roundhouse and Turntable8New York, Chicago & St. Louis Norfolk Southern yardChicagoILUSA
Roundhouse and Turntable4 BNSF yardCicero ILUSAused monthly
Roundhouse OnlyBaltimore & Ohio abandonedEast St. LouisILUSA
Turntable OnlyWabash NoneForrestILUSA
Roundhouse Only5Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Scrap yardMolineILUSA
Roundhouse OnlyChicago & Eastern Illinois farmRossvilleILUSA
Roundhouse and Turntable Norfolk Southern Calumet yardSouth DeeringILUSA
Roundhouse OnlyChicago & Illinois Midland AFT ManufacturingTaylorvilleILUSA
Roundhouse OnlyMissouri Pacific abandonedVilla Grove ILUSA
Turntable OnlyChicago & Northwestern Union Pacific yardWaukegan ILUSAnot in use
Visual Remains OnlyNickel Plate Road Vacant lotFort WayneINUSA
Roundhouse and Turntable281926New York, Chicago & St. Louis None, In RuinsFrankfortINUSA
Roundhouse and Turntable21 Indiana Harbor Belt yardHammondINUSA
Visual Remains OnlySouthern AbandonedPrinceton INUSA
Visual Remains Only32Baltimore & Ohio Vacant lotWashingtonINUSA
Visual Remains OnlyAtchison, Topeka & Santa Fe BNSF YardHutchinsonKSUSA
Visual Remains Only23Missouri Pacific Vacant lotOsawatomieKSUSA
Roundhouse and Turntable2 rail yardPhillipsburgKSUSAOnly two stalls remain
Visual Remains Only Rail YardLudlowKYUSA
Roundhouse and Turntable6Louisville & Nashville rail yardParisKYUSA
Visual Remains OnlyChesapeake & Ohio Junk yardRavennaKYUSA
Turntable OnlyChesapeake & Ohio CSX YardRussellKYUSA
Visual Remains Only12Southern Pacific Union Pacific YardAvondaleLAUSA
Roundhouse OnlyNew York, New Haven & Hartford Pufferbellies Nightclub closedHyannisMAUSA
Roundhouse and Turntable221884Baltimore & Ohio B&O Railroad MuseumBaltimoreMDUSA
Visual Remains Only301911Pennsylvania Vacant lotBaltimoreMDUSAOrangeville Roundhouse
Roundhouse and Turntable10Baltimore & Ohio CSX yardCumberlandMDUSA
Turntable Only1Baltimore & Ohio B&O Ellicott City Station MuseumEllicott CityMDUSAOne-stall enginehouse
Visual Remains Only251939Western Maryland Vacant lotHagerstownMDUSA
Roundhouse and Turntable5Bangor & Aroostook RR abandoned?CaribouMEUSA
Roundhouse and Turntable8Bangor & Aroostook RR railroad yardDerbyMEUSA
Roundhouse Only13Bangor & Aroostook Bangor Hermon Railyard StorageHermonMEUSA
Visual Remains OnlyBangor & Aroostook RR demolishedHoultonMEUSA
Roundhouse Only31910Bangor & Aroostook yardMillinocketMEUSA
Roundhouse and Turntable8Sandy River Sandy River and Rangely LakesPhillipsMEUSA
Visual Remains Only22Portland Terminal Company Pan Am yardPortlandMEUSA
Roundhouse and Turntable1910Maine Central railroad yardWatervilleMEUSA
Roundhouse OnlyNew York Central Lake Shore & Southern yardAdrianMIUSA
Roundhouse Only4Detroit & Mackinac Lake State yardAlpenaMIUSA
Roundhouse OnlyCalumet & Hecla commercialCalumetMIUSA
Roundhouse and Turntable62000Detroit, Toleda & Milwaukee Road Greenfield VillageDearbornMIUSA Replica of 1884 Marshall roundhouse.
Visual Remains Only1912Ann Arbor Waterfront ParkElbertaMIUSA
Turntable OnlyDetroit, Toledo and Ironton CN yardFlatrockMIUSA
Roundhouse and TurntableMinneapolis, St. Paul & Sault Ste. Marie Canadian National yardGladstoneMIUSA
Roundhouse OnlyQuincy & Torch Lake museumHancockMIUSA
Roundhouse and Turntable1903Missouri Central Roundhouse SupplyNilesMIUSA
Turntable Only End-O-Line Railroad Park and MuseumCurrieMNUSA
Visual Remains OnlyGreat Northern BNSF Minneapolis JunctionMinneapolisMNUSA Roundhouse burned in 1992.
Turntable OnlyNorthern Pacific BNSF Northtown YardMinneapolisMNUSA
Roundhouse Only461887Minneapolis, St. Paul & Sault Ste. Marie Canadian Pacific Shoreham YardsMinneapolisMNUSA
Turntable Only261913Milwaukee Road Milwaukee Road Heritage CenterMontevideoMNUSA
Roundhouse Only30Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range rail yard northProctorMNUSA
Roundhouse OnlyDuluth, Missabe & Iron Range rail yard southProctorMNUSA
Roundhouse and Turntable91907Great Northern Jackson Streen Roundhouse, Minnesota Transportation MuseumSt. PaulMNUSA
Roundhouse and Turntable121885Minnesota Transfer Minnesota Commercial RailroadSt. PaulMNUSA
Roundhouse and TurntableChicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Union Pacific Hoffman YardSt. PaulMNUSA
Visual Remains OnlyDuluth, Missabe & Iron Range demolishedTwo HarbersMNUSA
Roundhouse Only7Missouri Pacific unknownJoplinMOUSA
Roundhouse and Turntable Kansas City TerminalKansas CityMOUSA
Turntable Only15Missouri Kansas Texas Abandoned - CampgroundNew FranklinMOUSARoundhouse foundation still visible
Roundhouse Only41916Great Northern storageButteMTUSA
Roundhouse OnlyChicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific storageHarlowtonMTUSA
Turntable OnlyGreat Northern yardHavreMTUSA
Visual Remains Only26Milwaukee Road Transco Railway ProductsMiles CityMTUSAFeatured in 1930''s film "Danger Lights".
Turntable Only yardMissoulaMTUSA
Visual Remains Only Norfolk Southern yardAshvilleNCUSADemolished in 2014
Roundhouse and Turntable371924Southern North Carolina Transportation MuseumSpencerNCUSA
Visual Remains OnlyGreat Northern BNSF YardDilworthNDUSA
Roundhouse and Turntable7Great Northern BNSF YardGrand ForksNDUSA
Visual Remains OnlyMilwaukee Road Vacant lotMarmarthNDUSA
Visual Remains OnlyChicago & North Western ParkFremontNEUSA
Visual Remains Only27Union Pacific Vacant lotNorth PlatteNEUSA
Roundhouse Only17Boston & Maine The Center at Colony MillsKeeneNHUSA
Roundhouse and Turntable4 Conway Scenic RailroadNorth ConwayNHUSA
Roundhouse and Turntable5Boston & Maine Green Mountain Railroad ShopsNorth WalpoleNHUSAFormer home of Steamtown USA
Roundhouse Only10Boston & Maine Westboro Roundhouse and Engine TerminalWest LebanonNHUSA
Roundhouse Only8Central of New Jersey Government officeCranfordNJUSA
Turntable Only9New York Susquehanna & Western NYS&W yardLittle FerryNJUSARoundhouse demolished
Visual Remains OnlyPennsylvania AbandonedPhillipsburgNJUSA
Turntable Only35Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe yardAlbuquerqueNMUSA
Turntable OnlyAtchison, Topeka & Santa Fe BNSF YardBelenNMUSAFormerly housed Santa Fe historic collection.
Turntable Only BNSF YardClovisNMUSA
Roundhouse Only34Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe unknownLas VegasNMUSA
Roundhouse Only8Lehigh Valley Vacant lotAuburn NYUSA
Roundhouse Only5New York Central Depew, Lancaster & WesternBatavia NYUSA
Roundhouse and Turntable15DL&W AbandonedBinghamtonNYUSA
Visual Remains OnlyD&H Veritiv vacant lotBinghamtonNYUSA
Visual Remains OnlyErie Abandoned yardBuffaloNYUSAOnly turntable pit is visible.
Roundhouse Only22New York Central non-RR businessBuffaloNYUSA
Roundhouse and Turntable21Pennsylvania Railcar rebuilderBuffaloNYUSA
Roundhouse Only5South Buffalo South Buffalo YardBuffaloNYUSA
Roundhouse Only5Lehigh Valley SilverizonCortland NYUSA
Visual Remains OnlyLehigh Valley Grant's Vacation ParkFair HavenNYUSAOnly part of turntable ring remains
Turntable OnlyErie AlstomHornell NYUSA
Roundhouse and Turntable301917Lehigh Valley abandonedManchesterNYUSA Buried 100 foot turntable being cleared.
Roundhouse Only8Pennsylvania Dresser RandOleanNYUSA
Visual Remains Only521906Delaware & Hudson demolishedOneontaNYUSA Largest roundhouse in the world when built. Demolished in 1993.
Turntable Only17Erie NYGL YardPort JervisNYUSA
Roundhouse Only6Genesee & Wyoming Rochester and Southern YardRetsofNYUSA
Roundhouse and Turntable7Long Island Railroad LIRR ShopRichmond HillNYUSA
Roundhouse and Turntable7D&H Vacant lotRouses PointNYUSAThe roundhouse in which NKP 759 was damaged.
Visual Remains Only301906Baltimore & Ohio Vacant lotSalamanca NYUSA
Visual Remains Only5Pennsylvania ParkSodus PointNYUSA
Visual Remains OnlyNew York Central CSX YardSyracuseNYUSAFilled in pit visible.
Roundhouse Only6Boston & Maine storageTroyNYUSANo railroad tracks in site
Roundhouse Onlyunknown unknownUticaNYUSA
Visual Remains OnlyNew York Central Vacant lotWatertownNYUSARemnants overgrown.
Roundhouse and Turntable201918Pennsylvania unknownWest SenecaNYUSA
Visual Remains Only20New York Central storage yardAshtabulaOHUSA
Roundhouse Only5Baltimore & Ohio VacantAshtabulaOHUSA
Roundhouse and Turntable22New York, Chicago & St. Louis Norfolk Southern yardBellevueOHUSA
Turntable OnlyWheeling & Lake Erie rail yardBrewsterOHUSA
Turntable Only rail yardCincinattiOHUSA
Visual Remains OnlyRiver Terminal DemolishedClevelandOHUSARebpulic Steel
Roundhouse and Turntable9Baltimore & Ohio Midwest Railway Preservation SocietyClevelandOHUSA
Roundhouse and Turntable3Newburg & South Shore yardClevelandOHUSA
Visual Remains OnlyNew York, Chicago & St. Louis yardConneautOHUSA
Visual Remains Only30Pennsylvania demolishedCrestlineOHUSA Demolished in 2007.
Visual Remains Only301900PRR WastegroundDennisonOHUSA30 stalls is a guess as is date and RR.
Visual Remains Only Vacant lotLimaOHUSA
Visual Remains Only24Pennsylvania Vacant lot overgrownMingo JctOHUSA
Roundhouse and Turntable182010 Age of Steam RoundhouseSugarcreekOHUSA
Turntable OnlyDetroit, Toledo and Ironton CN yardToledoOHUSA
Turntable OnlyBaltimore & Ohio CSX Willard YardWillardOHUSA
Visual Remains Only10 demolishedKlamath FallsORUSATurntable was present until at least 2014
Visual Remains Only52 Norfolk Southern YardAltoonaPAUSAEast Altoona Roundhouse
Roundhouse and Turntable42010 Railroaders Memorial MuseumAltoonaPAUSA
Visual Remains Only37Pennsylvania Union Tank CarAltoonaPAUSAAltoona Car Shops locomotive finishing shop
Roundhouse Only6 Crushcrete Inc.BethlehemPAUSA
Visual Remains Only22Monongahela Pennsylvania Water Co.BrownsvillePAUSA
Visual Remains OnlyDelaware & Hudson unknownCarbondalePAUSA
Turntable OnlyPennsylvania Norfolk Southern YardConwayPAUSA
Visual Remains OnlyReading RBM&N yardCressonaPAUSATurntable moved to Bridgeport, PA in 1946 then to the RR Museum of PA.
Turntable OnlyPennsylvania Norfolk Southern YardEnolaPAUSA
Roundhouse and Turntable17Bessemer & Lake Erie VacantGreenvillePAUSAFormer home to B&LE 2-8-0 154 and 2-10-4 643
Roundhouse and Turntable9Baltimore & Ohio Tartan Racing team test facilityHazelwoodPAUSANicknamed the Robot City Roundhouse
Roundhouse Only4Knox & Kane VacantMarienvillePAUSA
Roundhouse and Turntable15Union Railroad rail yardMonroevillePAUSA
Roundhouse Only5Pittsburgh & Lake Erie VacantNewellPAUSAOriginally 15 stalls.
Visual Remains OnlyPennsylvania yardNorthumberlandPAUSAFormer home of Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania collection.
Visual Remains Only11Pennsylvania Vacant lotOil CityPAUSA
Turntable Only22Baltimore & Ohio CSX YardPhiladelphiaPAUSARoundhouse demolished
Turntable OnlyAllegheny Valley Armstrong Rails to TrailsPhillipstonPAUSABeing restored.
Roundhouse and Turntable2 RBM&N headquartersPort ClintonPAUSAEngine house is not really a roundhouse
Visual Remains OnlyReading TransloadingReadingPAUSA
Visual Remains OnlyPennsylvania Heritage ParkRenovoPAUSA
Roundhouse and Turntable81882 East Broad TopRockhill FurnacePAUSA
Roundhouse and Turntable Steamtown National Historic SiteScrantonPAUSA
Turntable Only Railroad Museum of PennsylvaniaStrasburgPAUSATurntable from Cressona, PA. Roundhouse to be built.
Roundhouse and Turntable16 yardHuronSDUSA
Roundhouse Only61901Homestake Mining Black Hills RoundhouseLeadSDUSA
Roundhouse and Turntable3 Prairie VillageMadisonSDUSA
Roundhouse OnlyNashville, Chattanooga, and St Louis CSX yard, AbandonedBrucetonTNUSA
Turntable OnlyBurlington Northern Santa Fe Canadian National Harrison YardMemphisTNUSA
Roundhouse and TurntableNashville, Chattanooga, and St Louis CSX Locomotive ShopNashvilleTNUSA
Turntable Only BNSF YardAmarilloTXUSA
Visual Remains OnlyAtchison, Topeka & Santa Fe BNSF YardBrownwoodTXUSA
Visual Remains OnlyFort Worth & Denver BNDF YardChildressTXUSA
Turntable Only37Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Greenbrier Rail ServicesCleburneTXUSARoundhouse foundation still clearly visible.
Visual Remains Only21Missouri Kansas & Texas Union Pacific YardDenisonTXUSA
Turntable OnlyAtchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Union Pacific YardEl PasoTXUSA
Visual Remains Only11Southern Pacific Union Pacific YardEnnisTXUSA
Visual Remains OnlyMissouri Kansas & Texas Vacant lotFort WorthTXUSA
Visual Remains Only16Galveston, Houston & Henderson yardGalveston TXUSA
Visual Remains OnlyAtchison, Topeka & Santa Fe yardGalveston TXUSA
Visual Remains Only9Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Vacant lotSan AngeloTXUSA
Turntable OnlySouthern Pacific BNSF YardSan AntonioTXUSABoiler explosion happened here on March 18, 1912. Roundhouse foundation can be seen to the east of the turntable.
Visual Remains OnlySanta Fe near rail yardSlatonTXUSA
Visual Remains OnlyUnion Pacific Union Pacific yardOgdenUTUSA
Visual Remains OnlyCentral Pacific Transcontinental GradeTerraceUTUSAGhost town
Roundhouse Only8Norfolk & Western unknownBristolVAUSA
Visual Remains OnlySouthern Norfolk Southern tie yardCreweVAUSA
Visual Remains Only26Chesapeake & Ohio Vacant lotFultonVAUSA
Roundhouse Only9Norfolk & Western James Madison UniversityHarrisonburgVAUSAHeavily modified by current occupant.
Roundhouse and Turntable16Norfolk & Western NS ShopRoanokeVAUSA
Turntable OnlyNorfolk & Western NS YardRoanokeVAUSAShaffers Crossing
Roundhouse and Turntable7 Vermont RailwayBurlingtonVTUSA
Roundhouse Only8Boston & Maine RSD LeasingWhite River JunctionVTUSA
Roundhouse and Turntable24Great Northern BNSF Interbay yardsSeattleWAUSA
Roundhouse Only9Simpson Timber Company Sierra Pacific IndustriesSheltonWAUSA
Visual Remains OnlyChicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific noneJanesville WIUSA
Roundhouse and Turntable3Wisconsin Southern WSOR maintenanceJanesville WIUSA3 stalls tracked
Turntable OnlyBaltimore & Ohio rail yardGraftonWVUSA
Turntable OnlyChessapeake & Ohio CSX YardLoganWVUSA Peach Creek Roundhouse
Visual Remains Only20Western Maryland WMSR yardRidgleyWVUSAHeljan Roundhouse
Roundhouse and Turntable22 Norfolk Southern ShopsWilliamsonWVUSA
Roundhouse and Turntable7Union Pacific Union PacificCheyenneWYUSA
Roundhouse Only8 yardCheyenneWYUSA
Roundhouse and Turntable281912Union Pacific Union Pacific Evanston RoundhouseEvanstonWYUSA
Visual Remains OnlyUnion Pacific Union Pacific yardGreen RiverWYUSA
Roundhouse Only5Chicago & North Western stock yardsLuskWYUSA



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