ES&NA #201 (ex-MC&SA) at Eureka Springs AR, D&R #10 at Ford Park, Shreveport
LA, and PRR #299 at Paterson NJ are all sisters of the same ICC 200 class
of 1906. ICC (Isthmian Canal Commission) was the US Government agency
that built the Panama Canal, and it purchased 100 of this 200 class from
Alco-Cooke; all were originally 5-foot gauge, as was the entire Panama
Railroad (PRR) up to its demise in 1979, when it was turned over to the
Republic of Panama. All 200's were oil-fired and all had sloped tenders.
After the Canal was completed in 1914, the ICC was dissolved and the Panama
RR (US Govt owned) acquired the 299 for work in the US Government's Dredging
Division at Gamboa, mid-point on the Canal; I used to watch it work there
in the 1950s. The 299 remains as built (except for environmental removal
of the asbestos insulation jacket), including its 5-foot gauge; the ES&NA
201 is the most radically changed, with an entirely different tender.

If you view photos of the Panama Canal under construction (1904-1914),
you will see the 200 class Moguls as being the workhorses of that huge
project (along with 40 of the ICC 300 class Moguls built by Baldwin).

Text by Lance Terrell

Photo by Wes Barris